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Our first ebook….

It won’t be long now and our first ebook will available through amazon. It’s a teen novel called FORBIDDEN. A short synopsis:

When Gilly watches her older brother, Cracker, and his friends, Trann and the Bone, disappear over the cliff in front of their family’s holiday shack on a secret expedition she is determined she will not be left behind. Accompanied by her cousin, Bobby, she follows the boys around the rocks to Pretty Point where she discovers dozens of black onion-like bags filled with stinking black shells in Cracker’s secret cave. Someone is stealing abalone and the spent shells are being washed into the cave. Cracker is annoyed that Gilly has made such an exciting discovery – it is his expedition after all – and he suggests a daring plan to catch the abalone thieves.

The authors: sister and brother team, Melinda and Richard Hammond

Melinda is a full time writer who lives on the east coast of Australia, albeit a long way away from the cool southern waters in which FORBIDDEN is set. She has published stories for children in both NSW and Victorian Education magazines. She occasionally teaches High School English.

Richard is a passionate recreational fisherman who often fishes off the rocks described in FORBIDDEN, although he has never stolen abalone.

The setting for FORBIDDEN has special meaning for us as it is where we spent our weekends when we were growing up. Grandpa’s shack on the cliffs of Malua Bay provided the inspiration for our story and I spent many weekends watching Richard disappear over the cliff for hours on end, only to return laden with treasures. I wish I had Ginny’s courage to tag along after him.


PS watch out for our next novel, also coming out soon. It’s called OLD BONES, and Cracker, Ginny and the team find themselves neck deep in another adventure…literally…

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