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Thrilled To Kill

Put a group of writers in a room together, ask the question, what if, and things can get a little crazy.


When those same writers write thrillers things can get downright dangerous…for characters. Environmental Thriller writer, LA Larkin, says, “the reader gets a rip-roaring yarn and the writer has a whole lot of fun’.


The Whitsunday Islands is not exactly the kind of place to think fear and terror (t’s more a cocktail around the pool kind of place) but while I was there for the recent Writers Festival it did its best to offer a dark and stormy night kind of atmosphere with lashing winds and impressively dark clouds doing their best to add to the chilling atmosphere.




Inside, we created murder and mayhem under the tutelage of Larkin, the blond haired, blue eyed thriller writer who is brutally ruthless when it comes to creating end of the world scenarios that the best of heroes seem helpless to prevent…but they do, most of the time.

Sam Thriller Workshop

I was a guest of Whitsundays Marketing and Development and stayed at Coral Seas Resort…

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