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Look what I just found…I don’t remember Goulburn having such great food…

gypsy life

Goulburn surprised me with its old fashioned, well-preserved heritage buildings. I felt I was walking back into the history of the Victorian era. Compared to the modern Canberra it felt rural and a very livable city. The camera went into over-drive and I took well over 200 photos.

After the interesting stop in Collector it was lunchtime as we pulled into the Visitors Centre to collect maps and information, so first priority was to refuel the inner man and woman…

Goulburn pc 092_4000x3000

This was the first café we came to and looking inside it was busy, always a good sign. So in we went.

Goulburn pc 078_3504x2248

Just look at the selection, it made my mouth water... Just look at the selection, it made my mouth water…

This is the sweets selection and it is so attractive. This is the sweets selection and it is so attractive.

This is our choice quiche for me, mini shepherds pie for Jack, Look at that fresh salad. This is our choice quiche for me, mini shepherds pie for Jack, Look at that fresh salad.

With energy levels restored and with map in hand we explore. Just across the road from…

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It’s taken six months but I can finally announce the publication of Book 1 of our middle grade Cracker and Gilly Mystery series…FORBIDDEN…it’s a long story and an even longer learning curve (a story I’m saving for another post)…both Book 1, Forbidden, and Book 2, Dirt Busters, are now available in both print and ebook from Amazon and other retailers…

Forbidden web cover…and if you’re curious what I’m up to during the holiday break, I’m preparing Book 3, Merinda’s Gold, for publication…all good fun…I think…

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What are we doing to our kids? I arrive at school at 7.30am and already there are kids kicked back on the concrete like they’d always been there. I leave at 4.30pm and the quadrangle remains littered with student flotsam.

Are our schools places that inspire our kids to be all that they can be?

image image image image image image

it’s Saturday…the school holidays have begun…and our places of learning are silent.

But, without the camouflage of the everyday noises of a school day, their stories are exposed for all to see..

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It’s springtime in the tropics and the marigolds and nasturtiams are flowering, the cherry tomatoes are ripenings and the capscicums are starting to form. My garden is full of promise…

image image image image image image image image image image


And my current WIP? It, too, shows promise…but only constant nurturing and attention – and the promise of summer – will show if I get to reap the rewards of all my hard work.

How is your garden growing? Is it full of promise for the months ahead or is it dying of neglect? Only with hard work will you reap the rewards…


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Part of my role as teacher is to mentor young writers and illustrators. My young friends, Therese and Brianna, share their work with us. The question: who gets the chocolate frog for best illustration?  Let the voting begin….

image image image image image

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A simple budgeting tip for writers:


(it’s amazing how hard it is to part with)


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Aunty Millie always gave us books…every Christmas and every birthday…it was a family tradition that saw me making cubby houses on the shed roof, picking plums off the overhanging plum tree and reading about the adventures of Blinky Bill while trying not to stain the pages with plum juice. I carried on the tradition with my own children and managed to collect all the Famous Fives, Nancy Drews, Trixie Beldons and Anne of Green Gables several times over as my children grew up.


We’ve also moved house – a lot – and I always packed our book boxes. The packers could do what they wanted with the Noritake dinner sets and the Bohemian Crystal but the books were mine…some of which I only got to touch at moving time…to gently place in a box at one end and just as gently lift onto its place on its shelf at the other.


Until now. You see, it’s that time again – moving house time – only this time there are no packers and, come to think of it no book boxes. There’s nothing for it but to cull. Having moved a few times, with kids, cats, dogs and chooks in tow, I’m a bit of an expert at casting my eye  around and and deciding what goes with us and what doesn’t make the list. Usually, books always make the list – my books and the kids’ books – but this time as I wander from room to book laden room I find myself in a bit of a dilemma.


It seems that the book fairies have been rather generous to us over the years despite laptops, iPads, and iPhones all sporting the ubiquitous Kindle app. I wander back to the front door and start a second reconnaissance…and groan.


Three timber bookcases laden with books…add to that one coffee table piled high, two chairs with precarious piles (and an apple core Sam) and a dining room table, well it was a dining room table once…now it’s a book depository.


Bedrooms…total count four bookcases and one wall of bookshelves…hallway…bookshelves and boxes of books…bathroom…yep, a pile of books on the floor…Sam?


And last, downstairs to my study where all good books go to die…wall to wall bookshelves, piles of books on the floor and my beautiful timber study desk…laden with books.


Did I mention we’re moving to a hundred year old beach shack that has – in total – two rooms? Hmmm…to cull or not to cull…it’s not even the question…it’s more a question of where to start or maybe when to start…or even why start at all???


I blame Aunty Millie…


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