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My first online course is almost ready…I’ve decided to call it “Gypsies, tramps and thieves: the romance of writing on the road”…what do you think of the title?


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It’s thirty something degrees today and we decided to go for a swim at the local dam, Carcoar Dam for those that know the Bathurst/Orange area of NSW.

What we didn’t count on was people wanting to buy our books – and our writing courses.

The problem was our vehicle.

And me.

Before I launch my online writing courses I read that I needed three of ’em and so I’ve waited.

And procrastinated.

And missed an opportunity  to upscale my business, damn it!!

A lady named Darlene is heading around Australia with her hubby and three kids.

And they all wanna write.

And they saw my vehicle.


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What are we doing to our kids? I arrive at school at 7.30am and already there are kids kicked back on the concrete like they’d always been there. I leave at 4.30pm and the quadrangle remains littered with student flotsam.

Are our schools places that inspire our kids to be all that they can be?

image image image image image image

it’s Saturday…the school holidays have begun…and our places of learning are silent.

But, without the camouflage of the everyday noises of a school day, their stories are exposed for all to see..

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