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This is the logo for my ‘Writer on the Road’ interviews…like it?? Our book touring schedule is Townsville in July/July, 2016, Bateman’s Bay for the Bateman’s Bay Writers Festival in September, 2016, and our biggie, a two month trip across the Nullabor to the wilds of Western Australia and Norseman to launch Money, Murder and Other Men’s Wives, starting December, 2016. Note the interesting correlation between these dates and school holidays. That’s the trouble with teaching, it limits my playtime:)


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I’m starting to get organised for the launch of Money, Murder & Other Men’s Wives, the non-fiction companion to my novel, The Miner’s Wife. It means a two month book tour of Western Australia over the Christmas break. I get to cross the Nullabor with my caravan and trusty entourage in tow (even though one of the entourage is already making noises about flying rather than driving:)). I’ve posted the introduction to my memoir over at www.melhammond.com if you wanna have a peek. While you’re there you can also sign up to receive my newsletter if you’re interested in receiving further chapters of my memoir and details of my tour. Happy reading.

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