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My first podcast interview, grandly titled ‘Campfire Tales’, crashed and burned. It’s all a bit sad really…or is it?

Here’s what happened. Technology happened, or in my case, didn’t happen. So I rang my mentor, and cried, and he mopped me up, and told me to try again, which I did – my interview with my dog ended up being rather brilliant, although he’d fallen into snore mode on his tummy with his legs in the air by recording number six.

What did I learn?

  1. ┬áThat I’m the expert and I need to trust myself
  2. That starting is half the battle – I may have flunked the interview but by midnight I really had that sucker licked
  3. There’s always tomorrow
  4. That Chicago’s All That Jazz gets better with every listening (even though I was only using the first two minutes, by the end I felt like a star)
  5. A glass of wine or two loosens the vocal chords but plays havoc with the script

My next interview is tomorrow and I’ll be there with my technology, script and dog. It may be no better than my first effort but at least I’ll turn up and give it a go. But perhaps without the wine this time:)

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I just received the following email:


They told me to follow my passion so I did.

My avatar is…me.

I blame Joanna over at the Creative Penn…I did her course, Creative Freedom, and took her advice on upscaling.

I read books on entrepreneurship. The advice in a few words: there will never be a perfect time, or enough money, to follow your dreams.

Do it now.

So I am.


This blog, and http://www.melhammond.com, will be migrating over to http://www.writerontheroad.com…I think…as soon as I can afford to change everything over.

I’ve just paid my first month’s subscription over at http://www.podcastwebsites.com and now I get to build my new website (it was either that or spend the afternoon marking assignments for school:))


Podcast Websites has a 24 hour tech crew on standby to answer questions from people like me.

I can’t go wrong, can I?


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This is the logo for my ‘Writer on the Road’ interviews…like it?? Our book touring schedule is Townsville in July/July, 2016, Bateman’s Bay for the Bateman’s Bay Writers Festival in September, 2016, and our biggie, a two month trip across the Nullabor to the wilds of Western Australia and Norseman to launch Money, Murder and Other Men’s Wives, starting December, 2016. Note the interesting correlation between these dates and school holidays. That’s the trouble with teaching, it limits my playtime:)


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