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I just received the following email:


They told me to follow my passion so I did.

My avatar is…me.

I blame Joanna over at the Creative Penn…I did her course, Creative Freedom, and took her advice on upscaling.

I read books on entrepreneurship. The advice in a few words: there will never be a perfect time, or enough money, to follow your dreams.

Do it now.

So I am.


This blog, and http://www.melhammond.com, will be migrating over to http://www.writerontheroad.com…I think…as soon as I can afford to change everything over.

I’ve just paid my first month’s subscription over at http://www.podcastwebsites.com and now I get to build my new website (it was either that or spend the afternoon marking assignments for school:))


Podcast Websites has a 24 hour tech crew on standby to answer questions from people like me.

I can’t go wrong, can I?


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The other day I shared my experience of working through a set of tutorials to learn Scrivener, delivered by Joseph at http://www.learnscrivenerfast.com.

I had no intention of doing another post on this but a funny thing happened on the way to completing the course…I cheated and skipped to the end to the Bonuses and found a great podcast by Joanna Penn (of http://www.thecreativepenn.com fame).

The podcast is all about organising your projects.

In my ideal world – let’s call it, say, Fantasyland – I decided to devote 2014 to getting half a dozen projects to completion with the grand idea of having something to market in 2015. Well, in my haphazard way I’m halfway there with three books completed and – remember, this is Fantasyland – selling.

But after listening to Joanna’s podcast on getting organised I realise I’m only a whisker away from having the other three done.

Back to Joseph and learning Scrivener. In my Scrivener binder I now have the final three projects for 2014 racing towards the finish line – Joanna even talks about daily word counts and a gizmo that does this in Scrivener – and yes, it looks like I can reach my goal of six completed projects for sale by the end of the year. If I wanna be clever I can double that because all are in both ebook and print formats (and I’m learning about audio books fast).

Twelve products for sale, me??

Joseph’s Learn Scrivener Fast has jettisoned my writing business out of Fantasyland and into the real world with one swift kick. Now all I need to do is go back in and finish the course…

Ah, I can hear my family laughing as they read this post. Me, finish anything?? In the infamous words of Eliza Doolittle, ‘Just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait’…

Anyone else doing Joseph’s course and loving it? Let us know your successes…

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